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Online Talk Radio Shows

Online Talk Radio Shows

Traditional radio is dead, but online talk radio shows are thriving. As listeners flock towards digital platforms, content is as well. With so many options, it is essential to find and target audiences. Helium Radio makes this process easy.

What is an internet radio distribution network?

Internet radio distribution networks maintain the infrastructure required for a show to be successful. They cultivate dedicated audiences and promote shows across various channels. Without such organizations, content creators are forced to rely on digital marketing and search engine optimization to grow a potential audience.

Helium Radio provides millions of listeners to our clients. This allows their message to reach dedicated audience members on a unique channel.

How can I use an online radio channel?

Creators use the audio medium to inform, for music, and to promote their brand. Channels dedicated to their company or topic garner dedicated followers. The internet is a powerful medium with online radio supplementing marketing campaigns, providing information, and acting in addition to YouTube or other social networks.

Do people listen to online radio and podcasts?

While the traditional radio medium continues to decline, online platforms thrive. The Steinhart Music Business Program at New York University found that only 19 percent of people use the analog platform. Those between the ages of 12 and 24 utilize YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora at rates far above the radio.

Meanwhile, podcast audiences continued to grow. Between 2013 and 2019, this audience increased by 20 percent.  The prevalence of digital audio in vehicles promises to help this medium grow even more.

Listeners are dedicated when compared to the fleeting attention given to relatively few and possibly irrelevant traditional channels. The internet offers audiences the ability to seek out the information and entertainment they want. Over 80 percent of podcast listeners tune in to every show. Others claim to listen to at least part of an episode.

How do I get people to listen to my online radio show?

Due to the popularity of podcasts, the number of shows snowballed. By 2018, audiences could listen to over 660,000 shows.

It is difficult to stand out in a sea of content. Creators must cultivate a following. Multiple channels ranging from social media to real life activities help attract listeners. Hosts must understand the culture related to their art and continue to push others to content.

Being visible is increasingly difficult. Most web surfers never reach beyond the first page of Google results. Only 29 percent of users look for information beyond the first ten pages. The steep dropoff means that creators must spend time and money on websites and engagement.

Distribution networks make the work of gaining an audience easier. Helium Radio provides access to 4,000,000 dedicated listeners and a channel for your show. With our help, your platform reaches a growing audience.

If you are looking to be heard, an internet-based radio distribution networks can help promote your online talk radio shows. Platforms such as ours offer to promote content and provide access to an engaged audience. Contact us today for more information.

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Online Talk Radio Shows
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Online Talk Radio Shows

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