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Internet Radio Distribution Networks

Internet Radio Distribution Networks

Internet radio distribution networks cut through the clutter to get your show in front of relevant audiences. Platforms such as ours provide access to millions of potential audience members and dedicated channels. Helium Radio helps you grow an engaged audience.

What are the benefits of an internet radio distribution network?

Promoting a talk show is difficult. Nearly 660,000 shows aired in 2018. Your channel is lost within an ocean of content if not advertised correctly.

Search engine optimization, social media campaigns, and market research are all necessary with the proliferation of podcasts. This vastly increases costs with more impact on highly saturated markets. Websites, media campaigns, and community engagement are required to build an audience.

Without a targeted and multi-channel campaign, your show will likely go unnoticed. There is no guarantee that a website will improve your audience base. Only 29 percent of web surfers reach beyond the first page of Google results with other engines seeing similar results. Campaigns such as AdWords have a three percent success rate.

Content distribution networks provide access to a dedicated community, narrowing your search and helping target your market. Through unique channels per show or topic, users gain access to relevant content. This allows hosts to focus on their content more and on getting attention less.

These networks provide benefits beyond offering direct access to an audience. More exposure to the right market also helps in marketing. Modern search engines rely heavily on your brand. Building organic traffic to all platforms in your campaign brings more attention to your show. This, in turn, results in even more listenership.

Why should I move my traditional show online?

Analog radio is dying. In 2017, a New York University survey found that only 19 percent of listeners used this medium. Meanwhile, over 64 percent of people aged 18 to 24 chose YouTube for information. Pandora and Spotify were not far behind in terms of entertainment.

Even older generations are eschewing traditional radio. Similar trends were present for millennials in the New York University survey. Meanwhile, older generations spend up to two times as much time online as their younger peers.

The reach of digital radio continues to grow. Seventy-five percent of vehicles are equipped with internet capabilities or directly connect to online ready devices. Easier access to the online community and the proliferation of choices compared to traditional mediums continues to wear on analog radio.

Where can I find an online distribution network?

Helium Radio provides an extensive network of listeners with dedicated channels. Our clients range from artists to businesses looking to advance marketing campaigns. With such a large audience, our organization provides users with the opportunity to grow and be heard.

When combined with other campaigns, our platform offers radio show hosts the perfect jumping off point from which to start their careers or promote an existing brand. If you want to join a large and growing network of engaged users, internet radio distribution networks can help. Contact us today to find out more.



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Internet Radio Distribution Networks
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Internet Radio Distribution Networks

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